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The Waning Moon or Cányuè is one of the original Ethereal Weapons and belongs to Vincent Walker.


The Waning Moon. The pearl has stored electrical magic.

It is a very heavy and particularly shaped staff of incredible durability with the ability to crush things easily while offering excellent flexibility.

The pearl on the lower part is anchored in the weapon and naturally stores magic: its color changes depending on the energy of the owner and the magic type stored. The exact origin of the pearl is unknown.

Rachael has indicated that the Waning Moon is the only Ethereal Weapon that came in with an artifact, and that even if it's made of the same material as the other originals, doesn't exactly absorb magic the same way, implying that it might have been a prototype to create the others, seeing the properties of the pearl.

Vincent enjoys using it to sweep magic away and to take special stances while fighting in order to take the upper hand. The fact it's normally non-lethal -although destructive- makes it a weapon of choice for him.

The Waning Moon as a Paradox:

It is picked up by Samsara Leito... [...]

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