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Titles are nicknames given to talented Pathfinders or to special individuals that have achieved something important for the society or something that deserves general recognition. [...]

Current Titles existing on Aensland:

Awarded because..?
Carmine Seiyu
For discovering Alpha Mode.
Fen Seiyu
For bringing up to light the existence of dimensional storms and Hasu.
Li-on Rey
For being the sole undefeated individual in battle, no matter the timeline or universe.
Alice Hazuki
For eliminating Negativities and allowing many timelines to prevail through her role as a Keeper.
Amber Highwind
For singing a song that resonated through timelines and that will remain engraved in Aensland's history.
Hana Highwind Seiyu
For defeating Terror and Lutecia.
Maxie Rey Hazuki
For being a living paradox that has altered many timelines and changed just as many lives.
'Psycho Mimic'
Alexis Highwind Seiyu
For perfectly being able to imitate the techniques of all his friends and enemies and for being able to use psi powers.
For saving a timeline thanks to his brave actions after losing everything, just for the sake of his friends.
'Cosmic Entity'
For possessing 3 natural Seraphi and for being at the origin of the Shinzou.
For destroying many timelines and putting an end to countless lives.
Asgard Blaze
For synthesizing almost all of the most powerful weapons existing on Aensland and being one of the most potent magical fire users.
Leo Battery
For being the strongest non-human Enja player.
'Wind God'
Liam Vanilla
For being the most potent magical wind user and possessing the real Excalibur.
Alter Carmine
For destroying Arkadia and saving the world.
'Gear Doctor'
Rachael Van Hellstein
For creating the Hellsing Labs and allowing Paradise to become a great city through the invention of the Regalia System.
Jeick Dragonheart
For being the last individual of his kind.
'Legendary Hunter'
Leito Samsara
For hunting and killing the terrible [...] on his own, saving Paradise from a train crash and entirely mapping several areas of the world.
Vincent Walker
For saving and reuniting everyone after a space-time fracture, for being the first to have explored Sefora, and for being the fastest Surflet racer.
For bringing knowledge, education and civilization to all of Aensland.
Soliman Prime
For having an influence that has shined over all Aensland for decades, all the while being idolized by his subjects as the king of Paradise.
For being the sole onyx to have survived outside of a rift and to have proliferated.
Jayce Santelo
For being the sole normal individual to have held in respect Terror, as well as having saved and taken care of countless lives.
Shira Hazuki
For winning the second Arenaline tournament and being recognized as one of the strongest beings in the world, as well as performing a mythical shot using the Railgun Cannon.
Shira Hazuki
For sacrificing his life to save the world.
For mastering every single magical element.
Misa Misaël
For inventing the Paradise Space Station and for his incredible work on weather control technology.
Sky Loftwood
For creating the first guild of Pathfinders.
Lukka Hazuki
For being the most renowned shipmaster on Aensland and for protecting everyone from Onyx.
'Great One'
Lukka Hazuki
For being the only living creature to have ascended over planes that stand in the limits of reason and being alive to tell the tale.
Juliet Vanilla
For discovering Akashic Flowers and extensively studying them.
Ark Noirdevende
For murdering two notable individuals, being responsible for setting up the Ultimate and stealing extremely valuable technology.
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