It looks too hard to use for me to like it.


Tenebris is Alice Hazuki's Ethereal Weapon. It is a Chronoscythe, a weapon held only by Keepers that adapts to its current owner. Lukka Hazuki is the previous owner of the weapon, but doesn't remember what it used to be like in her hands. When Alice uses it, it takes the shape of a huge white scythe.


Alice's version of Tenebris.

In battle, the scythe is rarely used for conventional slashes, but is spun at really high speed and thrown at close distance. When thrown, it floats on the same place for a few seconds, stabilized thanks to Alice's magic skill and then comes back. More magic can be infused into the weapon to give it additional effects, such as giving it a greater range.

Unlike the Managarm, Tenebris is used to fight at much closer range and won't bounce off on things, as it is likely going to outright cut them down. Even if the weapon isn't one of the original Ethereal Weapons, as a Chronoscythe, it was made with Rift materials and is almost unbreakable, meaning very little things can parry a direct hit or an attack from the scythe.

Oh, wait... this is so much better!

—Lukka, holding the Maledictis


Lukka's Maledictis.

Although she doesn't remember how things were previously for her, Lukka has a history with the weapon, and upon Awakening finally got to use it once more. The Chronoscythe reacted and took a different shape, a black and gold "scythe" with an entire sword as hilt called Maledictis. She then used it in conjunction with Miss Nothing to fight off Gilgameth fused with Onyx on her own.

Her fighting style heavily differs from Alice in that she won't throw Tenebris at all but instead hack away at her enemies directly in order to create openings for herself through sheer pressure created by the power of her hits as well as the important size of the weapon.

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