Soliman Prime



Japanese Name ソリマン・プライム
English Name Soliman Prime
Birth Name Soliman the First
Age Locked at 36
Birthdate Doesn't remember
Status Alive (Owns a Shinzou)
Gender Male
Height 199 cm
Weight 100 kg
Blood Type Has no idea
Race Human, Supposedly of Persan origin
Hair Color Black, long and wavy
Eye Color Blue
Alpha Mode None
Weapon(s) Pendragon
Fighting Style Breaker
Akashic Flower None because of his Shinzou
Favorite Color Doesn't care
Favorite Food Wine, Booty (From his words)
Affiliation Hellsing Labs, Spirits Of The Sun, Lunar Condemned Center
Occupations and Hobbies Training, Special excursions, "Vigilante", King of Paradise
Holy shit, you're so not ready for this.


Soliman Prime (ソリマン・プライム) also known as just Sol or Solp by his friends is... [...]

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