Shira Hazuki




Japanese Name シラ・葉月
English Name Shira Hazuki
Birth Name Shira Shijou
Age 17 (PS) 22 (EX)
Birthdate April 9
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 159 cm
Weight 55 kg
Blood Type AB
Race Angel
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Red
Alpha Mode Mala Triplici
Hasu Tryforce
Weapon(s) Akima & Neos
Fighting Style Other/Enforcer
Akashic Flower Dahlia (Alloway Candy)
Favorite Color Marine Blue
Affiliation Hekireki, Avalon Squad, Hazuki Clan, Mayhem, Mayhem (Team)
Occupations and Hobbies Engineer, Thief, Adventurer, Gunsmith
Eeee! Pleased to meet you! Let's shake hands!


Shira Hazuki (シラ・葉月) also known as Shirazuki is... [...]

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