Shiki Melusine


Japanese Name 式・メルシーン
English Name Shiki Melusine
Namesake Ryougi Shiki
Age 27 (SotS)
Birthdate February 22
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Height 184 cm
Weight 54 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Race Human, Paradisiacal
Hair Color Orange, Black tips with green shades
Eye Color Green/gray
Alpha Mode n/a
Fighting Style Sorcerer
Akashic Flower Dahlia (Jowey Winnie)
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Food Vegetables, anything healthy
Affiliation Mobius, Catalepsy
Occupations and Hobbies Sorcery studies, Pathfinder, Bodyguard, Engineer
Shiki is... your local smartass.


Shiki Melusine (式・メルシーン) is... [...]

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