Shenran Meyer


Japanese Name シェンラン・マイアー
English Name Shenran Meyer
Age Estimated 33 (PS) ~38? (EX)
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 67 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Race Human, Paradisiacal
Hair Color Purple & Red
Eye Color Supposedly Black, mostly always closed
Alpha Mode None
Weapon(s) Crisis Engine
Fighting Style Other
Akashic Flower Dahlia (Kogane Fubuki)
Favorite Color Unknown
Favorite Food Milk, Liquors, Spicy food
Affiliation Equis
Occupations and Hobbies Architect, Terrorist, Sponsor
You do what you must, to get what you need.


Shenran Meyer (シェンラン・マイアー) is... [...]

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