Pretty blade... a perfect match!


Seele & Anima are Li-on Rey's Ethereal Weapons. They are a pair of energy blades with a color pattern based on the eyes of their owners and were originally built by the Occult R&D Department in Li-on's World for the Nachtritters.

Anima is a blue energy blade with a plain black hilt and no guard. It used to belong to Cipher Knight before he got defeated by Li-on, who took it from him.



It constantly emits a very gentle blue light and leaves a trail behind every slash. It is a very powerful sword, made with extremely precise technology to be used by Cipher's perfect talents. It has the ability to cut through almost anything, namely most metals -including gold- and materials. The sword became even stronger after turning Ethereal and developed the power to phase through things on demand. This power can also focus on single parts of the blade, meaning that while it phases through something, the rest will still cut.

Seele is an orange energy blade with a plain black hilt and no guard. It is very similar to Anima but was created afterwards. It was designed for Li-on Rey who still happens to be its rightful owner.



Exactly like Anima it constantly emits a faint light -of orange color this time- and leaves a trail behind every slash. It was made using the same technology and equals its counterpart in cutting power but is a little lighter. Upon turning Ethereal though, the blade developed a different ability:

Directly hitting most magic projectiles will instantly revert them to regular Energy, disjointing them. Li-on uses it like a katana and takes various stances while fighting to adapt to most situations.

Wielding them together directly affects their efficiency as they seem to power up when close to each other since they turned Ethereal. If Li-on does fight using both swords at the same time, he also sometimes switches between one to two blades in order to prepare specific attacks.

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