As long as I'm alive, my son will never be part of your little experiences.

—Reis to Derringer

Reis Rey (レース・レー) is the father of Carmine Seiyu and Li-on Rey. He exists on both the normal timeline and the one Li-on lives in. He was born in 1967 on both, but grew up differently on each due to the environmental changes.

On Carmine's world, he grew up in France as a normal kid and eventually met Julia Seiyu, then married her before having Carmine and his little brother, Nate. They later on divorced and he ended together with Carmine before the latter got his own flat and began going out with Amber. His whereabouts after Carmine enters Aensland with the other original Alpha Team members remain unknown, but he is without a doubt alive and well.

On Li-on's world, as the Nazi won the war, he grew up into a rather dark world and became part of the Wehrmacht as a teenager, eventually ending up as a highly ranked officer. He then had a brief affair with a white-haired female officer while working with the japanese occult R&D department, who later on gave birth to Li-on. Upon seeing him grow up with the hair color of his mother, he understood that his child would have problems and tried to prevent Derringer from getting him into the Mind Devourer program, only to get shot to death by him later on.

His appearance is roughly the same on both worlds: He is an average sized-man with short black hair, white skin and minnow eyes. He's rather strong and enjoys sports as well as working out, obviously being stronger in Li-on's world due to being part of the army. Personality-wise, he's a funny, simple man with a strong attraction towards knowledge of the animal kingdom and peculiar jokes. He heavily dislikes alcohol, save from quality wine and enjoys a smoke every now and then. He was a good father to Carmine and probably would have been one to Li-on if he could have raised him more, but always had issues with women, being too clingy and not serious enough in his relationships -albeit being a caring husband- hence his divorce with Julia.

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