Japanese Name ラインハルト
English Name Reinhardt
Age 28 (PS) 33 (EX)
Birthdate March 8
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Height 174 cm
Weight 57 kg
Blood Type B+
Race Human, Paradisiacal
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Grey
Alpha Mode Omega Shift
Weapon(s) None
Fighting Style Sorcerer, Breaker (α)
Akashic Flower Iris-like Cymbidium
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Food Instant noodles, Ice cream
Affiliation Hellsing Labs
Occupations and Hobbies Solving equations, Studying Angel technology, Becoming a better scientist
I'm gonna solve this equation! Mathematics and science hold no secrets for me! Or wait a little now, did I omit some important factor..?

—Reinhardt, being eccentric

Reinhardt (ラインハルト) is a major character of the Paradox Shift series and an important antagonist during the first season. He also appears in Ex and... [...]

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