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Ain't none other like this one.


The Pendragon is Soliman Prime's Ethereal Weapon. It is picked up by Samsara Leito post-Terror arc.

Sol Prime's Pendragon, normal and awakened.

It is one of the five originals, meaning it was found the way it is, and wasn't manually turned ethereal. It takes the form of an oversized greatsword that shares the same blue-grey tone as the other originals but tops them in terms of solidity and size.

One of the particularities of the sword is that it adapts to the size of the wearer, getting proportionally bigger or smaller depending on the current owner, while its weight never changes. It is consequently surprisingly light for its size in the hands of Sol. Regardless of its current size and weight, it is probably by far the hardest sword existing on Aensland, as shown when used to cut through extremely hard materials or parrying an attack from the Tenebris.

Like all ethereal weapons, the Pendragon naturally stores magic little by little, yet, it has the special ability to release some of it for a short time -surrounding it with an aura- and benefit of much, much stronger firepower at the cost of having a cooldown afterwards during which the weapon will become almost useless by becoming significantly heavier. The aura cuts just as much as the sword, effectively granting it an increased range in this state. If it is possible to actually extend the duration of the awakened mode, the longer it is extended, the longer the cooldown will be, and this technique suffers from imbalance: The cooldown will always be at least twice or three times longer.

Thanks to his training as a knight, Sol knows his way around swords rather well and is able to control the weapon perfectly well. Backed up by his countless years of experience exploring Aensland and fighting, his capabilities using the Pendragon make him a terrifying foe in battle that can crush most of his enemies with brute strength. He has almost never had to use the awakened state of the weapon and simply enjoys it for its size and raw power.

Escaflowne's version of the Pendragon.

As a Paradox:

On the other hand, Samsara Leito uses it with the rest of his arsenal and his usual fighting style as a guard-breaker while preparing another attack. Moreover, in his hands, the Pendragon has diminished in size and grew a little in width, making him more comfortable with using the blade. [...]