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Pathfinders are the ones who dedicate their lives to discovering the world of Aensland in order to help the civilization expand safely or to gain a bigger knowledge of the world. They are organized like a gigantic guild, whose headquarters are located in Paradise and from where groups of people are sent towards different parts of the planet to investigate on places that have never been seen before, to run various errands or even to rescue other teams that couldn't make it.

Their way of working relies on solidarity and organisation between team members as well as consequent preparation before each mission. Teams work together with someone based in Paradise that will provide them documentation and information for each of their assigned missions. This also applies to people working in solo, although they are quite rare. Everyone is free to associate themselves with the ones they want to work with, the only requirement being to make a small announcement on a massive public panel located inside the headquarters.

Save for the leader, pathfinding teams don't have set members. They can leave a team whenever they want or join one at any moment through a voiced invitation or a letter from its current leader. It is also possible to be part of more than one team at a time, however people rarely go up to more than three. There can only be a single killing license owner per team and said person cannot possess one for another group if they're part of multiple teams. It is a measure taken to prevent sending a team on the field without killing license, since even if one of their member leaves for a while to clear a mission with another group, the one with the license will always have to join them, implying that license owners are less mobile between teams.

Teams are also required to have a flag representing their ideals, it is designed by its members and usually composed of simple things, similar to a maritime flag. They are hung a little everywhere inside the headquarters and along with the team name are used to indicate where said team is located on the ranking board.

Veterans will often help out new pathfinders and rescue them if needed as well as push them towards people that can help them take a good start and get a good grip over their new occupation. There is no real leader, only experienced individuals or teams and consequently, most pathfinders have to handle their expenses on their own, proper rewards being rare. Nonetheless, a lot of people are ready to help out pathfinders due to the noble cause they travel for and as such, most of them don't have to do much to fend for themselves.

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