Try to guard against THIS!


The Paragon is Carmine Seiyu's Ethereal Weapon.


The Paragon.

It is a particular mix of a katana with a curved hilt and a revolver. Pressing the trigger will actually fire a magic bullet from the top of the weapon, but it is only to be used in synchronization with strikes of the blade due to the impossibility to aim correctly otherwise.

It is the only weapon of that type on Aensland and as such, Carmine came up with his own way to use it despite the difficulty to handle it, and effectively invented a very creative fighting style, belonging to him uniquely.

It was a normal, experimental weapon crafted by the talented hands of Asgard before eventually becoming an Ethereal Weapon inside a Rift. Although it was made by the most durable metals existing on Aensland, Alter Carmine confessed that his version of the weapon got broken by the very hands of Terror. [...]

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