Another thing our grand Nation can be proud of!

—Laoshan Derringer

The Occult Research And Development Departments are special Nazi Institutions set in Li-on's World. They are secret, mostly scientific departments doing heavy researches on occult, paranormal and mystical topics. They are divided in three major branches, the original one from the Deutsche Einheit (German Unity - new Europe), the Ashkenaz (new America) and the Asien (Asia - Japan) one. They are all specialized in something in particular, and each have their own chiefs/supervisors.

Derringer is in charge of the branch from the Deutsche Einheit and has been working for years on technology and magic aiming to make super soldiers and control people. They dispose of more resources than the two other branches and are also much more advanced technologically-wise. They have a huge influence over the army, as well as some political decisions and are often consulted whenever they are thought needed, allowing them to do pretty much everything they want. Their success in re-creating the Mind Devourer had Derringer promoted into absorbing the Ashkenaz's branch, gaining even more power and reinforcing their knowledge over magic and mythical creatures.

The Asien branch focuses on rites, alchemy and mystical properties of various things as well as Mirror Gates and even though it is slower and smaller than it's European counterpart, it generates constant good results. It has been working without a director for some time since the previous head department died in a lab accident. The lead was supposed to go to Reis Rey before Derringer called him out as a traitor, killing him afterwards. Since then, nobody took the lead, but eventually, research on the Mirror Gates took an end and the first Nazi soldiers (the Nachtritters) were sent to Aensland.

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