I called it that cause... You've got nothing else to wear it!

—Asgard to Lukka

Miss Nothing is the name given to Lukka Hazuki's Ethereal Weapon. It is a clawed metallic arm glove.


Miss Nothing.

It was made by Asgard Blaze to be specifically worn by Lukka and jokingly named after her lack of limbs. It was designed to be worn with a special glove under to be as comfortable as possible and to prevent skin from being in direct contact with the metal, as well as to add sensitivity and dexterity.

Lukka tends to wear it relatively often, and she'll be seen outside of fights with it most of the time. As the weapon was made to compensate for her having one arm, it came in with the only strength enhancer magical device on Aensland (created by Rachael) and helps her move around heavy objects like the Kinma with relative ease, even compared to people like Soliman Prime and Dany Nevan. [...]

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