Misa Misa



Japanese Name ミサ・ミサエル
English Name Misa Misael
Birth Name Misa Misa
Age Approx. 26~30 in human age
Birthdate March 27
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 164 cm
Weight Unknown (Implied heavy)
Blood Type n/a
Race Cirrusian
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Green
Alpha Mode Null Frequency
Weapon(s) Kinma
Fighting Style Other
Akashic Flower Lilium (Orange Lily)
Favorite Color Unknown
Favorite Food Candies
Affiliation Hellsing Labs, Alpha Team, Cloudberry, Mayhem (Team), Last Frontier
Occupations and Hobbies Reading, Magic Studies, Astronomy, Alchemy
Haha! Yes... I do read and study a lot.


Misa Misaël (ミサ・ミサエル) or simply Misa is... [...]

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