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Mirror Gates are mirror-shaped portals allowing people to travel between worlds and parallel dimensions. They work in pairs and are alimented by magic. A single gate will always be connected to another one placed somewhere else and only one of them needs to work for the other one to function. Absolutely anyone can travel through them, one simply needs to push forward and walk into the mirror to end up inside a Fractal Corridor they will have to cross. Once done, they will come out of the Mirror Gate linked to the one they walked in earlier. Their actual origin is unknown, but Rachael has been able to pinpoint where the first one has been exactly found thanks to Sol Prime. A lot of gates actually exist in different places but it is impossible to know where one leads before they have been used at least once by someone:


Amber's Mirror Gate. One of the fourth gates from Earth.

- Twenty have been discovered on Aensland, with only 6 of them having been already used.

- Four exist on the original Earth (Carmine's) but only two have been used.

- Only one exists on Li-on's world.

- There are two on the Alternative Earth and both have been used.

It is actually possible to carry a Mirror Gate through another one. Abusing this, planning special and fast travels from an universe to another becomes possible, although it is to be noted that the MG won't work inside a Fractal Corridor.

It is to be noted that a Mirror Gate doesn't have to be in one piece to work, as long as the traveler has enough room to step inside it, it will be enough.

On Aensland, few sorcerers (Namely Misa) have discovered some kind of hidden mechanic coming along with the gates: Anyone injecting a particular energy color into one is able to "rewind back in time" for a duration of around 30 minutes to watch what has been reflected last into it or who crossed it since the last time it has been used. This works because Mirror Gates actually keep in memory the energy color of the ones who recently used them and can "restore" the event up to a certain point. Consequently, people with stronger energy types leave a bigger imprint and are easier to keep track of using that technique.

If a Mirror Gate entirely breaks while a traveler is inside a corridor, the other exit stays open, so it is possible for them to leave still. This is only speculation, but if both entries were to collapse... it is unknown if the traveler stuck inside would disappear along the corridor, or if they'd be stuck inside it forever.


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