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The Managarm (Moon-hound or Managarmr) is Fen Seiyu's Ethereal Weapon. Its actual real origin is unclear, but it was once found by Rain and kept locked in her house for an unknown duration until Fen stole it.


The Managarm.

It is similar to a Wind-and-Fire Wheel, although it works a little more like a Chakram. Magic sticks to the weapon, allowing it to be thrown like a boomerang with very strong homing capability on the enemy. It has the ability to bounce off of walls or various things multiple times before coming back to the thrower.

Fen mostly uses it as a mid-to-close range weapon by making it spin really fast. As a result, short-ranged fights suit it the best when using that fighting technique.

Through complex analysis, Rachael has revealed that it was made using the same material as the other four original Ethereal Weapons, hinting that they might originate from the same place or were made by the same person. Therefore, it is also solid enough to parry a direct hit from the Pendragon, the Spiegel or even Tenebris.

After Fen's first awakening, the weapon displays a new mechanic upon detecting her entering Alpha Mode: It has the ability to disassemble itself, allowing the four blades to float around under her control while releasing all of the accumulated magic so far in greater amount, multiplying even more her Energy pool. It supposedly works/worked with other owners, since Rain has claimed to be familiar with it. In that state, the blades and the center part will naturally assume a different look when not used and appear like a halo hovering over the back of the awakened individual.

During Zero, Terror is actually seen in possession of the weapon but she rarely uses it. It is important to know that when she does, the Managarm automatically assumes its Alpha Mode shape even when she's actually not entered it. It is also consequently one of the weapons Escaflowne could not bring along with him in the rift.

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