Japanese Name マギッサ
English Name Magissa
Age n/a
Status Alive
Gender n/a
Height 185 cm
Weight 231 kg
Blood Type n/a
Race Lorathi
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Yellow with spiral-shaped pupils, green sclera
Alpha Mode Joyful Apocalypse
Fighting Style Sorcerer, Breaker (α)
Akashic Flower Fuschia Regia
Favorite Color Pink, Fuschia, Green
Favorite Food Candies
Affiliation Alpha Team, EGT, Force Works, Spirits Of The Sun
Occupations and Hobbies Seamstress, Explorer, Painter
Hi! I'm Mag!

Magissa (マギッサ) most often simply called Mag is a minor antagonist and a core ally during most of the story. As a Lorathi, Magissa is genderless but goes by feminine pronouns due to her very girly look. She has been thought to be Kyoshiro's counterpart at first when she was actually his new body. As such, she retained his habits but not his memories. [...]

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