Lutecia Araneghia



Japanese Name ルテシア・アラネギア
English Name Lutecia Araneghia
Age 30 (EX)
Birthdate November 13
Status n/a
Gender Female
Height 169 cm
Weight 30 kg (In a can)
Blood Type Ink
Race Half-Onyx, Human-Toon
Hair Color Cinder Grey
Eye Color Black
Alpha Mode Wild Frontier
Weapon(s) Her cigarettes/cigar, Her lipstick, Her Tommy Gun (Amy)
Fighting Style Other
Akashic Flower Pâquerette
Favorite Color Grey tones
Favorite Food Toony food, Entire animals, Liquors, Sometimes her cigars
Affiliation L'Aranea Circus
Occupations and Hobbies Painting (On people), Writer (Only using typewriters), Musician (Saxo), Cartoonist, Actress (For her own movies)
It's like she came straight out of a really old cartoon!!


Lutecia Araneghia (ルテシア・アラネギア) is a major character from Ex Paradox Shift as well as the central antagonist of the Monochrome World arc. [...]

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