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A Lorathi (plural: Lorathi) is the name given to the species of individuals sharing the same body type as Magissa. They are artificial beings made of particular magical materials existing on Aensland and not a natural species. Nonetheless, they are considered as such by the others since they are the oldest Aensland inhabitants.

They don't age or reproduce as they are all genderless, but can still die of physical harm. Yet, it is unknown even among themselves how one comes to birth. Consequently, there aren't many of them left around and the individuals still alive up to date are themselves unaware of the exact origin of their species, despite how long they've lived.

Physically, they are humanoid and possess a body type entirely similar to regular humans, save for the fact that they possess no navel, have soft paw pads under the feet and a very softly beak-shaped mouth instead of lips, with a row of sharp teeth under. They harbor vivid colors on most of the body -the hair, the eyes, their sclera and even sometimes their paw pads- except for their skin that will always be of an almost perfect white.


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