I recall it was a gift?


Liam's Sword is Liam Vanilla's personal weapon.


It is a small weapon, half the size of a regular sword with a hilt meant to be used only by a single hand. Yet, despite its ridiculous look and size, it is actually an overly powerful enhancer and the original "Excalibur" from the Arthurian legend.

How it really came into Liam's possession is unclear but it appears to have to do with Ark. As Liam is mute and unaware of its real origins, the weapon remained nameless in his hands and is just referred to by the others as "Liam's sword" or the "Toon sword."

It is currently shaped this way because Liam has explained that when he "found it" the sword was already broken in half and had a crushed hilt. However, he felt tremendous magical power oozing from the blade and decided to bring it to Asgard so that it would get repaired, but not much could be done and the rework resulted in this.

However, Liam is still the number one wind sorcerer on Aensland while wielding it, as the sword provides him with absolute enhancement of his wind magic, allowing him to surpass by very far most people in battle.

The remaining upper half of the blade was re-shaped into a powerful hidden blade for Jeick that was named the Raiden Link. [...]

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