I used to live there. And then I lost my home.


Leraje is a floating continent located in Aensland, hovering over the Desert of Mirrors. It is the country of origin of Angels who fled from Polaris after it became toxic due to Ark-3 propagation. It is actually a terraformed mountain put to flight, directly taken from Aensland and turned habitable by the same technology used to create Polaris.

It is much older and much more technologically advanced than Paradise and hosts approximately 420 000 Angel inhabitants, pre-Falling Stars. Due to its location, it can hardly be accessed even by experienced pathfinders and its community is not really welcoming towards foreigners, even if they accept communication with the external world and trading for rare goods they don't have. [...]

It was used as fuel for Melusine's Meteor spell and consequently utterly destroyed. [...]

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