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Las Gitanas are Amber Highwind's Ethereal Weapons.

Las Gitanas, revised.

They are a set of five identical knives, with a beautiful silver blade and a red hilt, crafted by the hands of Asgard. They were originally made to precisely stab the vital points of an enemy during a fight, but to Amber's demand, all five have been revised to have a side with an infinitely sharp edge. They were built in a special, rare material called (...) that reacts very particularly to magic and makes them a powerful asset for any Sorcerer on top of being extremely durable.

They turned ethereal at the same time as the Paragon, but due to the properties of the material they were constructed in and their newfound echo-resonance, Las Gitanas developed special abilities unseen in any other ethereal weapon. Instead of naturally storing magic, they reject it and bend space around themselves every time magic is forcefully injected into them, or every time they come into contact with each other. As a result, they create small but extremely dangerous pockets of void that destroy almost anything they touch, on the spot.

For that very reason, they are extremely effective on anyone who's entered Alpha Mode and against other Ethereal Weapons. On the other hand, despite looking like regular knives, Amber is the only one truly able to wield them efficiently, as her Energy color is the only one to enable these abilities, exactly like Cirrusians with Gates. Furthermore, she is the only individual on Aensland that has trained enough to fight with five blades at the same time in battle (although Escaflowne has claimed he could work something out) which is an important thing to note since using only one knife without the others drastically makes it lose power.

Last thing, Las Gitanas is the only ethereal weapon that doesn't function on its own when left alone: If Amber isn't wielding them while releasing her energy, they will appear like regular knives to an unexperimented eye.

They fall into the hands of Altered Carmine during Zero and he keeps them up to some important events in Ex.