Lance Grimaldi



Japanese Name ランス・グリマルディ
English Name Lance Grimaldi
Age 26 (PS) - 31 (EX)
Birthdate May 13th
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 171 cm
Weight 78 kg
Blood Type n/a
Race Altered Human, German-French
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Red/yellow irises, vertical pupils with red sclera
Alpha Mode Purple Horizon
Weapon(s) Valentine
Fighting Style Other
Akashic Flower Amaryllis 'Flamenco Queen' (Hippeastrum)
Favorite Color Green and Pink
Favorite Food Wine, Chicken, Rare desserts
Affiliation Equis
Occupations and Hobbies Torturing, Assassinating, Collecting money, Dancing, Working out
Mmm. Scared yet, little pig?


Lance Grimaldi (ランス・グリマルディ) is... [...]

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