Probably the only book I'll never finish reading...


The Kinma is Misa Misaël's Ethereal Weapon. It is named after the god of an old tale from Aensland.


The Kinma, closed.

It is an enchanted book of incredible size, much bigger than the average human, towering at 7 feet (~2,15 meters) with an approximate weight of 560 kilograms. Consequently, it can hardly be moved around through classic means. It was made with the same materials as a normal book, but is so impregnated with magic that it became resilient to physical harm or passing time.

It manifests a faint form of consciousness and is capable of moving around on its own thanks to having a huge magical power, making itself float to go where it wants. It has the ability to "devour" other regular books, and to record their entries inside his own pages. It can generate as many white pages as needed for that, and has been growing in size and weight accordingly.

Said form of consciousness shows it to be aware of his surroundings, as it (almost) never runs into things while moving around, will defend itself against predators by slamming them, try to protect itself from bad weather -mainly water- as well as pick what books it wants to devour. It also somewhat "befriends" some people by passively sticking around them despite not communicating directly and allowing itself to be read, if asked.

It was found locked deep inside the Library of Legends, fifty floors under the prime magical barrier and protected by an ensnared Jeick. Despite this, the origin of the book itself is unclear, but it has been thought to have been living inside the Library for centuries, and probably became sentient after becoming Ethereal, starting to eat other books as sustenance afterwards and draining the surrounding magic.

Misa commands it through his unique Energy and likes to use it to store complicated spells in some pages that directly activate when opening them, and will remain sealed until it is done. He also sometimes directly slams or crushes opponents under the book (as seen during the second Arenaline Tournament) to then use it as a distraction to cast his own spells if it doesn't prove to be enough.

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