She's really hard to deal with sometimes... but she's still my mom.


Julia Seiyu (ジューリア・精遊) is the mother of Carmine Seiyu, Nate and Fen Seiyu. She exists in both the normal timeline and the alternative earth with little to no change as to who she is between them. She was born in Japan, Miyazaki in 1967 as the heir of the Seiyu Clan and grew up to be a powerful business woman. Eventually, she fell in love with a foreigner, married him and had offspring with him.

On Carmine's timeline, said foreigner happens to be Reis Rey with whom she moves to the south of France after a wonderful marriage in Japan, before having two kids. She divorces with Reis upon Carmine reaching 8 years old and gets to raise up Nate alone due to law judgement. Although she does see Carmine every once in a while, they don't get along very well and try to avoid each other. She prioritize Nate no matter what she does and stopped working due to her health slowly degrading over the years. In the end, she began hanging out with Reis again due to being supported by him, both now seeing each other again rather often. Her whereabouts since Carmine entered Aensland are unknown but she is thought to be well and alive.

On the alternative Earth, her ties with the Hazuki family didn't allow her to find someone as easily, but she eventually meets a french foreigner she falls in love with, marries, and has a child with later on. They have a stable relationship, but upon having their kid reach 7 years old, she discovers that she has been cheated on and decides to divorce. "Unfortunately" she also discovers her husband's ties with the japanese mafia, and due to her position as heir of the Seiyu Clan, tries to secure herself. She consequently tried to run away with a young Fen, but her decision backfired, and under heavy pressure she eventually let go of everything, ending up with her losing child custody. She disappeared a year after from Japan after leaving Fen between the hands of her ex-husband, probably not aware of what was going to happen next. Her whereabouts and current status after these events are entirely unknown.

As a person, she is a short, white-skinned Asian lady with long, black hair. Unlike most of them though, she appears to have Caucasian eyes -even if slightly slanted- with common, entirely black pupils. Personality-wise, she is a sweet and outgoing person that tends to overreact easily at a lot of things. She has a great voice and loves to sing, and has said more than once that she would have been a singer if not for being born in the Seiyu Clan. When it comes to close people and the ones she likes, she is overcaring and overprotective, a trait Fen somehow inherited. She embittered with age, considered a lunatic by Carmine, but remains nonetheless a person completely trustworthy and reliable.

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