I... don't have the words to explain what I saw. I'm feeling sick just thinking about it.


The Isolated Showers is the name given to a major part of the Remembrance chapter as well as the name given to Fen's version of her childhood memories. It actually defines a place located inside her mind representing her fears and insecurity merged to bits of her past. It will be visited by both Carmine and Li-on during their time spent as Fenryr while under the polymerization spell, effectively making them learn the truth about Fen. It has been defined by Carmine as "a terrifying place" where he "does not wish to step in ever again" while Li-on decided to remain silent about what he saw there to the others because of his feelings towards Fen's condition. On the other hand, though, Fen has claimed that this is a place in where she ends up almost every night when she sleeps and that she doesn't mind reflecting on her life inside it. She is actually used to her own horrific way of seeing things and grew dull towards it, unless it comes to anything regarding Amber in which case "she'd rather wake up and simply not sleep."

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