The power trio. I like it!


Hekireki is the name of a pathfinders team lead by Shira Hazuki. Their flag represents a pink thunderbolt on a plain white background. Just like the Avalon Squad, it is composed of solely three members, Shira, Li-on Rey and Vincent Walker. It was specifically created by Rachael Van Hellstein to be a team ready to be deployed fast, and that on any field for any type of mission that needed to be cleared faster than the norm. Li-on is of course the one possessing the killing license but due to the exceptional conditions under which the team is be called in, the two other members also dispose of the right to kill in-case something is to happen to him.

The first idea for the team was to work in sync with Rachael's teleportation device in order to retrieve many legendary materials even though unbeknownst to everyone, most were already around. Nonetheless, it is also known to be an extremely efficient team -ironically nicknamed the "power trio" by Amber- powerful enough to take on pretty much any mission type head on, without any preparation.


Hekireki's flag.

As a team, they have excellent synergy when it comes to fighting and solving common pathfinding issues. [...]

It was the team who finally permitted to catch Reinhardt and that allowed Amber to use the Soul Rend on him. As they are the only members that stayed on Aensland before the Edge Games took place at the start of The Ultimate, they have been deployed for the last time under Rachael's orders to cross a Mirror Gate and gather the other lost members of their previous teams, or at worse their leaders and give information on their whereabouts. [...]

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