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Gilgameth (ギルガメス) is the brother of Soliman Prime and a former core member of the Spirits of the Sun. He has been travelling with Magissa and his brother as a pathfinder until contracting the magicyanide and getting killed because of it. He was a man loved by most for his earnestness and honesty as well as unwavering loyalty. He later on served as Onyx's vessel.

Physically, he was relatively similar to Sol although a little shorter in size, as well as less bulky and adorned a darker hair color. He is also from "Earth" but upon arriving, and growing up on Aensland, developed a particular attraction towards a special sword and began working with Asgard Blaze in order to make doubles of it. He then invented his own fighting style using all of his copies of the sword and magic.

He was partly responsible for what happened during the Falling Stars event and it took him a lot of time to move on from this disaster. He then left the Spirits of the Sun to go on a quest for redemption during a few years only to contract magicyanide. On the verge of succumbing to the illness, he came back to Sol to ask him to end his pain, wish granted by his brother.

He then got buried -without funeral- in a gigantic tomb, located deep inside an old labyrinthine ruin at the center of the Desert of Mirrors, both to give him a place where to rest far away from civilization and to seal his growing magic power. Unfortunately, his overflow of power combined to the magicyanide brought him back from the dead, as nothing but an empty shell of the great man he used to be.

In that state, Gilgameth is eventually stopped by Dany Nevan and his entire body is almost destroyed. Nonetheless, it somehow survives Dany's assault, and the remains -some of his limbs, bones and his head- still filled with magicyanide, are sent to the Lunar Condemned Center to be locked up for good. It is there that Onyx comes to possess the rest of his body before running away, after what "he" will be defeated by an awakened Lukka Hazuki once and for all, finally able to know true rest.

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