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A Fighting Style is a characteristic assigned to someone depending on the way they fight. On Aensland, these account to five and are determined by Energy color as well as personality.


Breakers (also known as Power-types) are fighters that use raw strength to have their way with their foes. They specialize in magic helping them to build strength and are overly aggressive during fights to set their pace. They rarely rely on any kind of tactics (for they don't need to) and simply aim to crush their enemies under overwhelming power.

Good examples of people belonging in that category would be Sol Prime, Alice or even Alter Carmine.


Enforcers are fighters whose fighting style rely on slipping past the guard of the enemy in order to inflict maximal damage with very little effort. They are smart, vicious, extremely mobile and possess an innate ability to pinpoint the weaknesses of their foe. They will use a numerous amount of tricks in order to reach their goal; and if they are generally physically weaker than most, their cunning is not to be underestimated.

Lukka and Leito are good examples, although Shirazuki could be considered an Enforcer as well.


Restrainers have the rarest fighting style and focus on hindering the individual they're fighting against. They will attempt to stack defensive magic on themselves and alternate with traps in order to get the upper hand. They rarely need a lot of offensive power since they can put an end to a fight without having to attack, completely rendering most -if not all- of the enemy's skills useless.

An excellent Restrainer would fight similarly to Jeick or Nehru.


Grapplers are extremely durable fighters that like to close-in on their adversaries to prevent them from guarding and to break them. Unlike Enforcers, they don't need to set things up in order to get in to inflict damage but can rarely compare when it comes to mobility, so they might have to take some hits first and wait for opportunities. However, they do not rely on magic most of the time, making them very potent in situations that require natural talent only.

Dany, Leo and Adel are amazing Grapplers.


Sorcerers (also called Magic-types) are people whose attacks entirely rely, or almost, on magic. They possess a wide array of different spells to deal with most situations and specialize in multicast, a.k.a the art of chaining spells one after another to destabilize their enemies. This obviously does not render them unable to have more physical capabilities or ways to fight, but they will most likely prioritize spells first. Sorcerers don't have as much firepower as Breakers or Grapplers, but their versatility gives them various options the others don't have. It is to be noted, as shown by Magissa, that some awakened Sorcerers turn into Breakers since the categories are somewhat tied.

Amber, Magissa, Reinhardt, Asgard and Melusine are prime examples.


Others are people using a fighting style that doesn't fit into the other categories. It is actually the most common category for an individual to fall under due to the important variety of ideas people generally come up and fight with. Since Others can't be categorized, most of them are rather unpredictable, and don't fit in the Wheel of Styles.

As a decent example, Li-on, Alexis, Terror, Escaflowne and Kujaku all use very unique moves that make them fit into this category.

Wheel Of Styles

The Wheel of Styles, abbreviated WoS, is something commonly used by Pathfinder teams in order to put some balance in them. It roughly indicates which styles work best on which, and helps team members to determine how many people of the same or different fighting style they work with, to have the best possible synergies. The order of things is simple:

Styles Wheel

Diagram of the Wheel of Styles.

- Breakers overpower Enforcers due to their almost non-existant use of guarding and crush them since most lack durability.

- Enforcers give a lot of troubles to Grapplers thanks to their high mobility and showing little to no openings for them.

- Grapplers rely on a fighting style that Restrainers can very rarely impede and defend themselves against.

- Restrainers are efficient against Breakers since they can strip them of their magical powers and leave them almost harmless.

- Others are unaffected by the rest of the Wheel.

It is important to say that it is somewhat subjective since it doesn't work with all individuals, but functions as a rule of thumb. As an example, if Restrainers are strong against Breakers, all Breakers won't struggle against them.

*The WoS merges Breakers and Sorcerers into the same category due to their incredibly heavy use of magic even if they don't really fight similarly.

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