Fen Seiyu




Japanese Name フェン・精遊
English Name Fen Seiyu
Birth Name Carmine Seiyu
Namesake Fenrir
Age 19 (PS) 24 (EX)
Birthdate August 16
Status Alive
Gender n/a
Height 173 cm
Weight 74 kg
Blood Type A+
Race Human, Japanese-French
Hair Color Auburn or White
Eye Color Yellow
Alpha Mode Ragnarok
Hasu Muse
Weapon(s) Mánagarmr
Fighting Style Other, Breaker (α)
Akashic Flower Rhodanthe (Everlasting) merged to a Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)
Favorite Color Any shade of blue
Favorite Food Meat
Affiliation Avalon Squad, Seiyu Clan, EGT, Force Works, Paradox Shift
Occupations and Hobbies Painter, Writer, Musician, Teacher, Bookworm
Thinking you can handle me and actually being able to do so are completely different things.


Fen Seiyu (フェン・精遊) also known as Fen is both the head of the Seiyu clan and the leader of the Avalon Squad. She was the first human to cross dimensions without a Mirror Gate, and ended up on Aensland where she decided to find a way to try and go back home. It is only as she met more people there and as the others members of her clan started to travel between worlds that she decided to stay on Aensland for longer than she was supposed to, eventually becoming a Pathfinder and founding the Avalon Squad.

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