This page regroups all of the Paradox Shift trivia and extra data over the story. These cover some unclear points and silly facts. It is NOT spoiler free.

 Story (Paradox Shift)

- Vampirism and Lycanthropy are addressed differently than usual in Paradox Shift to give characters a somewhat uncommon depth, compared to the one you would usually associate to people tied with these notions.

- Mirror Gates are based on the original Atomos (Final Fantasy V) design-wise. The idea was for a mirror to show a reflection of some otherworldly place where you would see yourself living. Except these actually take you there too!

- Lukka's ship, the Marie Céleste is a real ghost ship. The name was changed to "Marie" in PS so that there would not be any confusions with the little Mary.

- Gilgameth has as many Excalibur blades as there are members in the Organisation XIII. Thirteen plus the one original blade, 14 in total. His fighting stance is based on Paine's Full Throttle (Zankioh) where he has all of his blades floating over him in circle and adapts their height or pose to suit the situation. He shares some moves with Joachim, whom has a similar style. Onyx inherited of his technique although he doesn't use it the same way.

- Enja is named after SNK's Enja. Aptly named this way because it is supposed to be a brutal sport.


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