This page regroups all of the Paradox Shift trivia and extra data over characters. These cover some unclear points and silly facts. It is spoiler free.

 Characters (Paradox Shift)

- Fen named herself after the mythological wolf Fenrir upon arriving on Aensland. She wanted to take on a different name to start anew and thought that it would be fitting. It stuck with Fenryr who blatantly changed a letter to not completely copy it.

- Kyoshiro changed his name to Asgard upon arriving on Aensland with the same mindset as Fen, except that the fact they both picked a new name related to Norse Mythology as siblings is a coincidence! Both in and outside Paradox Shift. His Blaze last name comes from the fact he is a pyromaniac.

- Magissa was originally named Luka but it was changed to her current name and given (as well as adjusted) to Lukka.

- The Carmine is a shade of red very close to blood color. On crime scenes, the name is often applied to descriptions of blood, because the dark carmine color of the raw pigment is the color of dried blood. A fitting name for a vampire.

- Carmine Seiyu is incredibly enough not related to Carmine but they have some things in common.

- Some of Carmine's moves are retailed ideas he borrowed from Squall Leonhart while playing Dissidia Final Fantasy as video games exist in Paradox Shift and are often referenced by some characters. The rest are strictly his original ideas.

- Canonically, Lukka comes from the Bloodborne universe although it is never stated in Paradox Shift. Even after she recovers her memory, she only mentions to the others that she comes from a place where she was "used to fight huge monsters with trick weapons" and not much more. She lost her arm while fighting Lady Maria and her eye while fighting the Moon Presence before being reborn a Great One. It is then that she began existing on Aensland and was chosen to become a Keeper, getting back her former human body. Despite this, her origins clearly show up when she is using her nightmare fuel Alpha Mode, Resurgence.

- Kazuki Shijou shares his name with SNK's Kazuki Kazama whose younger sister Hazuki Kazama shares name with Shira when he takes the Hazuki name. Ironically, these two are also siblings but are in no way inspired or related to these SNK characters.

- Kazuki actually takes his name from Kazuki Fūchōin although they are differently written in Japanese.

- Shirazuki's personality was solely based on the lyrics of two songs: Trigun's ending, Kaze Wa Mirai Ni Fuku and Heat Guy J's opening song, Face. Tryforce, the name of the band who sang Face, is a mistranslation of Tri-force but as such was picked to be Tryforce's name to represent the synergy between Shira, his power and his guns, themselves named after Akima & Neos, temporary band who sang Trigun's ending. The original mistranslation is of important note as the "try" part is at the very core of Shira's nature.

- Leito Samsara uses Kyte in a fairly similar way to Jaeger and Ghost Rider in his UMvC3 instance.

- Funnily enough, Li-on isn't named after Li-ion batteries. He is simply named after normal lions, his astrological sign being Leo. The hyphen exists so that his name wouldn't be mispronounced in english, as it is said "leeon" or more precisely /liːˈɒn/ and not "lion" like the animal, making it sound closer to the name Leon. More recently, it also helps to make the difference between him and this Lion or Lion Messi.

- Leo and Leona also are named after lions. Difference being that Leona was actually designed to look like one to some extent and that Leo is named directly after her since he was her favourite orphan/creation. The family that adopted Leo, though, and gave him his last name (Battery) exist to make a pun between him, Li-on, and the lithium batteries.

- Leo was reworked to not physically look like Sho Minazuki as he was originally quite similar to him despite being an older character. Thankfully, they are very different on the mental plane.

- Jayce takes his name from the main character of the unfinished show Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. His poliosis as well.

- Laoshan is afflicted by zoosadism.

- Reinhardt isn't related to Reinhardt in any way and is a much older character but is originally german as well! He is named after Django Reinhardt.

- Muse, Tryforce and Galantis are Stands named after the bands of the same name. However, they aren't referred as such in Paradox Shift as they are the unique trademarks of the characters using them and not a notion inside the book like it is in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

- Lance Grimaldi is nicknamed "Laguna" by Amber because he is really quick to get lost while wandering, just like the other Laguna.

- Although Lance uses a whip as a weapon, his moveset borrows some ideas from Ivy, but not the name.

- Dany Nevan's fighting style was created basing his style and attacks on Tsunayoshi Sawada's X-Gloves Vongola Gear Ver., Ryohei Sasagawa's Sunshine Uppercut, Nero's Devil Bringer (which can be seen on his arms) and Pyron's way of fighting.

- Vincent Walker is physically based on Himura Kenshin and Shizumaru Hisame.


Characters (Ex Paradox Shift)

- Provided Lutecia would have a dubber one day, her voice would probably be similar to Kikuko Inoue's, namely I-no's (Guilty Gear series) or Lust's (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) current voice actor.

- Adel is physically based on Hanma Baki. His armor was designed after one of Batman's power suits. On Aensland it also borrows ideas from the Exosuit.


Characters (Paradox Shift Zero)

- Terror and Cheyenne are the only characters to use "❤" in their normal speech. If voiced, it makes just about the same sound as smooch.

- Maxie borrows a lot of things from Jon Talbain and Naoto Kurogane. He is also the only character in the entire series to be both a Seiyu and a real Hazuki as well as a Human-Sharklet hybrid.


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