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Excalibur is the name of Gilgameth's sword. Despite the name, it is not the real Excalibur.

Excalibur. (Original)

Gilgameth brought it from a lost land he discovered in a Rift on Earth while he was still serving Soliman Prime as a knight. It then became his favourite weapon when he started to discover its qualities.

As Excalibur is made with rift materials, it is almost impossible to break and has an edge of superb quality, as well as a wonderful tolerance to magic: A weapon of choice for a knight with a true mastery of swordplay. Despite not being ethereal, the weapon still displays a rather unique trait, probably due to the fact it spent some time close to negativities inside Sefora. It gives fire a pretty blue color and allows it to grab onto things that wouldn't normally burn, setting everything ablaze.

Gilgameth idolizes this weapon to a point of ridiculous adoration and considers it to be a part of himself. He keeps it with him at all times and even sleeps close to it. As such, he asked Asgard Blaze to create him copies of the weapon until ending up with fourteen swords in total, including the original one.

Post Gil's death, Onyx inherits the weapon and all of its copies after stealing his remains and absorbs them, merging them within his body in order to fight.