I hope it's not poison...


Energy is the force present in every living being on Aensland as well as in its environment, and also exists in various parts of space. It can be seen with the naked eye in the form of a misty, rainbow-shaded fog a little everywhere, but is more dense in places without civilization. This is due to the fact Energy can be used to many ends, although mainly to cast magic, consuming it in the process. Consequently, places that heavily rely on magic (among other things) tend to have less visible Energy flowing around. Yet, regardless of how much can be seen, it's safe to say that Energy is limitless in quantity and can never be fully used/consumed. It is unclear as to where it exactly comes from and why it is only present on some places and not others, like Earth, but heavy studies are being led on the topic by the Hellsing Labs and it is suspected to have to do with the Akashic Domain.

It has no real direct effect on the wildlife or living people but is absorbed by remotely anything it comes in contact with. As such, land, plants, water, people, everything is impregnated with Energy and while only sentient creatures make some use of it through magic, a lot of other living beings, mainly plants, grow using it and develop a stronger "body" than that of a counterpart that would live in a place without Energy. Humans and Lorathi are an exception to this. While Energy is part of all life on Aensland, it is unrelated to the Soul. [...]

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