The Sunken Forest is a place from Aensland where the Avalon Squad meets up with one of their deadliest foe while looking for one of their lost comrades. Previously known as the Emerald Backwoods due to it's incredibly luxuriant green foliage seen from outside; it has been said in several reports that light is not able to pass through the massive amount of leaves and trees, resulting in the actual inside of the forest being shrouded in consistent darkness. Consequently, most of the fauna inside it has evolved to be blind over the course of years meanwhile the flora has protruded absolutely everywhere, making this spot a really hard place for pathfinders to explore, if not only allowing the strongest ones to venture within.

Ironically enough, it is only after being able to make a true map of the location that it took the name it has now: Right after it was made, a battle of colossal proportions took place there resulting in the whole place being flooded. The fact that these woods are located inside a graben prevented the water from being drained and expanding over other places, effectively killing almost all of the local fauna and turning the whole place into a gigantic, emerald lake. This event (coupled with the Falling Stars) has been considered the biggest impact on ecosystem ever seen so far, and is the reason most often evoked by researchers from Paradise as propaganda, to prevent youth from becoming pathfinders.

Lost in Darkness - Chapter

As they were settling on the horst nearby the Emerald Backwoods and taking some time to plan the exploration of the site... [...]

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