Japanese Name エーンハイトー
English Name Einheit
Age 17 (PS) 22 (EX)
Birthdate December 27
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 167 cm
Weight 61 kg
Blood Type A+
Race Human, Paradisiacal
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Alpha Mode None
Weapon(s) Nué
Fighting Style Other
Akashic Flower Hemp
Favorite Color Red
Affiliation Alpha Team/Hekireki (Support), Hellsing Labs, Malina High
Occupations and Hobbies Student, Pathfinder Team Support, Rift Scientist, Announcer
So... you are... my brother from another world?

—Ein to Carmine

Einheit (エーンハイトー) or simply Ein is Nate's counterpart on Aensland. Save for being older and taller, he is physically identical to Nate. Unlike him though, he behaves way differently. He is a serious, witty and smart kid, excessively respectful of other people's boundaries. He also happens to be a student at Malina High and a good friend of Leo. He specialized in dimensional sciences and aims to work in a new lab with Rachael Hellstein. His motivation originated from his first meeting with Carmine inside MH's hallways and started growing more and more with time.

Eventually, he turned up to be the announcer for the second and third Malina High Tournaments hosted in Paradise. He is also the one who compiled all the mission reports for Hekireki and helped the Alpha Team by taking Rachael's place while she was gone. The other scientists he works with consider him a good friend and they often like to consult each other in order to work at a faster rate and end up with better results. On Rachael's advice, he remains the only one who didn't work over Mirror Gates and instead could/had to lean over Rifts directly.

Even if he refused to take part in the MH Tournaments, he is actually quite capable and knows how to defend himself with some gear he made on his own, and techniques he came up with alone, most using a yo-yo of sorts nicknamed Nué.

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