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The Divine Stare is Carmine Seiyu's signature ability.

It is a power he had prior to going to Aensland and probably has since birth, but has been unaware of possessing for a long, long time. It requires no magic to work and functions every time Carmine makes eye contact with someone then begins talking. It stems from Carmine's eyes.

It causes the "victim" to unconsciously start considering things from the angle Carmine mentions and creates a powerful Soul link between both persons. As a result, the person Carmine links himself with reasons differently as long as the Divine Stare is active. One of the main drawbacks of this ability is that it only works on one person at a time, but works indefinitely as long as Carmine stays close to the person and is conscious.

As this isn't a spell and as it's got no real activation trigger aside from Carmine interacting with the victim, it is impossible to say when the Divine Stare is active, unless someone uses a spell revealing the current established Soul link, such as Reinhardt's Omega Shift or Amber's Voodoo Kingdom's passive powers. Technology also seems to work on some level as seen with some of Laoshan's gadgets.

The Divine Stare was at first believed by most of his friends (mostly Vincent) to be the result of Carmine's natural charisma, when it is in fact a real ability. It differs from the Mind Devourer in that it isn't a spell and doesn't rely on "manipulation" or a form of hypnosis, but instead convinces the soul of the person that what they are doing is right and as such aren't told to "do something." Terror considers it to be one of the ultimate abilities to rule the world.

Obviously enough, this doesn't work on dead individuals or people with no soul, e.g. Onyx, Terror or Gilgameth. Furthermore, Li-on and Fen are also unaffected since they are identical to Carmine and as such can't generate a soul link. [...]

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