This is how you use a sword.

—Cipher, to Carmine

Cipher is a gifted fighter as well as a remarkable swordsman. Due to being an artificial human, he possesses both superhuman strength and agility, and is a natural quick-learner.

Like seen at the start of Conquerors where he first fights against the Alpha Team, Cipher is a tremendous force to reckon with. He can quickly make short work of anyone while holding a sword, and this even prior to Anima becoming an ethereal weapon. He has a graceful, extremely potent fighting style based on Iaidō where he uses minimal movement for maximum efficiency. At the start of Paradox Shift, he is seen fighting normally because he doesn't consider his opponents to be strong enough to go all out, a decision that quickly changes once he gets defeated by Li-on. When serious, though, he then displays an incredible ability to counter attacks with unreal precision before dealing highly damaging blows. On the other hand, it is noted that Cipher makes no direct use of magic, aside from using it to enhance his slashes or techniques.

Past getting the Anima stolen from him and ending up with the Spiegel, he changes his fighting style to an even more powerful version of his previous one, also correcting his former habit of avoiding attacks for fun instead of fighting back. He steals Vincent's ability to teleport over short distances and uses it to aggressively corner his opponents into opening up before countering them. To some extent, he is even able to make clones, fleeting images of himself to confuse his foes in thinking he'll attack them while moving aside, merging both teleports and afterimages for greater efficiency. On top of that, he is also able to charge his slashes when he can, suddenly producing beams of light from the edge of his sword that travel some distance before disappearing, cutting everything along the way. In EX, he uses a perfected version of this technique to cut Lutecia's toon meteor in half.

By the Ultimate, he is seen using all of his abilities at his peak during his fight with Vincent. He can cut through remotely anything, even damaging the roof of the Space Station. All of his attacks are timed at the millisecond and display extreme destructive power, while his ability to move around at great speed almost has no match. He is by far one of the strongest characters in the entire PS series and has no issues showing it to anyone who would dare say the opposite, his main rivals in the swordsmanship domain being Li-on, Liam and Vincent. His main flaw is always the same. Despite all of his great qualities, Cipher has very little endurance, which causes him to tire fast during a fight all while being unable to take many hits. He cannot fight wars of attrition, but it would be still be a feat to stay on equal footing with him until he becomes tired enough.

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