Cipher Knight



Japanese Name サイファー・ナイト
English Name Cipher Knight
Age Technically 20 (PS) 25 (EX)
Birthdate October 22
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 171 cm
Weight 62.5 kg
Blood Type n/a
Race Artificial Human
Hair Color Platinum Blond
Eye Color Blue
Alpha Mode Nonpareil Nirvana
Weapon(s) Formerly Anima, then the Spiegel
Fighting Style Enforcer
Akashic Flower Lilium Canadense (Artificial Hybrid)
Favorite Color His hair color
Favorite Food Caviar, Meat, Champagne
Affiliation Ereshkigal, Monster League, Nachtritters, Lunar Condemned Center
Occupations and Hobbies Pathfinder, Monster Hunter, World Domination?, Training, Flirting
Witness... perfection!


Cipher Knight (サイファー・ナイト) also simply known as Cipher or Night is a major antagonist during the start of Paradox Shift as well as a recurring character throughout the whole series. [...]

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