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This page is here to indicate at what moment some events took place outside of Aensland and during which timeline by giving dates. (A.E) stands for Alternative Earth and (L.W) for Li-on's World. Normal Earth simply gets (E) and all appear in chronological order.

Original Timeline (T1)

???, 1437 (E) - First Mirror Gate is found and kept in a german household.

???, 1546 (L.W) - Soliman Prime is born.

December 4, 1872 (E) - The Marie Céleste is found abandoned after going missing for apparently 9 days.


Normal, Fixed Timeline (T2)

August 7, 2023 (E) - Hana H. Seiyu is born.

Unknown, Paradox Timeline (T3)

September 20, 2023 (???) - Alexis H. Seiyu is born.

???, 2036 (???) - Alexis H. Seiyu travels to Aensland through Amber's Mirror Gate.

Unknown, Terror Timeline (T4)

???, 479 (Aensland) - Terror is born.

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