Cheyenne Wolfhound



Japanese Name シャイエン・ウルフハウンド
English Name Cheyenne Wolfhound
Age 26 (SotS) 21 (Zero, as Terror)
Birthdate October 9
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Height 180 cm
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unkwown
Race Human, Paradisiacal, Undying
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Purple
Alpha Mode Kurayami
Weapon(s) n/a
Fighting Style Sorcerer, Other (α)
Akashic Flower Platycodon
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Food Rice, Veggies
Affiliation Mobius, Equis
Occupations and Hobbies Sorcery Studies, Demonology, Witchcraft, Decorating
Here comes Chey-Chey! ❤


Cheyenne Wolfhound (シャイエン・ウルフハウンド) is a major character of the Spirits of the Sun arc as well as one of the central characters of Paradox Shift Zero. [...]

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