One, two, three... Boom!~

—Kujaku to Carmine

The Bakudan Counter is Kujaku Shijou's special ability and signature spell. It takes the shape of big, visible slot machine rollers of gold color, and displays a three digit number starting from 000 going up to 999. In battle, the rollers go up by one unit every time one of Kujaku's "enemies" perform something considered an "action" he visually notices.

Each unit stores a specific amount of magic Kujaku can use to create an explosion. Said explosion is entirely magic and doesn't need oxygen or anything alike, it affects Kujaku and is also not of fire element. Starting at 001, and with the exception of identical three digit numbers -such as 111, 222, 333, etc- the bigger the number, the stronger the magical burst will be. Activation of the Bakudan Counter will reset it to 000, nullifying instantly its power after an explosion.

However, activating it while it displays numbers with the same three digits cause completely different effects:

111 Has an 11% chance of randomly turning into a bigger number of units, or resets to 000.
222 Resets the Counter to 000 and multiplies by two the units stored each time an action is noticed.
333 Releases stored magic into Kujaku to be used as physical enhancement.
444 Creates four explosions of different elements each, in specific order. (Fire, Earth, Water, Thunder)
555 Prevents reset and activation till done but units go up at random speed for 5.5 seconds.
666 Locks onto an opponent and explodes 6 times in a row at 67 power with 6 seconds intervals.
777 Freezes the Counter to 78 for 7.78 seconds. (Allowing for unlimited explosions.)
888 Delays the explosion, but tracks foes and becomes exhilarating magic.
999 Resets the Counter to 000 automatically.

There's no specific rule as to what exactly makes the explosion stronger in itself; the Bakudan Counter is a space altering spell that works as long as Kujaku pays attention to his foes actions, implying that he, himself, is much more powerful than he looks like.

Displaying "840" on the counter was powerful enough to blow up half of the Lunar Condemned Center and while Kujaku has confessed that he has never activated the Counter at 998 out of fright of self-harm, he believes that the explosion would be on par with -or maybe even greater than- Sol Prime's Nichirin. Something notable of this power is that explosions happen instantly when Kujaku decides to activate the Counter. As such, they are nigh impossible to avoid when inside the blast area, zone that is determined by where Kujaku wants the explosion to be, limited to approximately 5 meters around him. Consequently, he is very prone to self-harm when not controlling his energy.

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