Ark Noirdevende


Japanese Name アーク・ノイルデベンド
English Name Ark Noirdevende
Birth Name Ark-7
Age Over 400 by PS
Birthdate ???
Status Alive
Gender Genderless
Height 180 cm
Weight 166 kg
Blood Type Runs on Tier
Race Proto-Noa (Human-Dragon base)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Emerald
Alpha Mode Duality Blitz
Weapon(s) None
Fighting Style Other
Akashic Flower Gentiana
Favorite Color ???
Favorite Food Doesn't eat
Affiliation Hellsing Labs, Equis
Occupations and Hobbies Bio-Engineer, Philosophical Debates, Upgrading himself, Technology Scavenger
It's not fun everyday to know you are part of a derelict species programmed to die after answering the every whim of your creator. Humanity has the freedom I crave.


Ark Noirdevende (アーク・ノイルデベンド) is... [...]

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