They made waste into something useful!


The Ark-3 is an insanely destructive gas used to power up Proto-Noa to allow them to function. Tier is the name given to its purest form, the one refined to create Ark-3. It actually is waste generated by Polaris as a whole, that gets extracted and recycled by Angels from various places on the moon due to how dangerous it is. Pure Tier has a crazy amount of different properties, the most notable ones being:

- It doesn't react to ambient magic so both can co-exist with no consequences.

- Contact with various atoms, mainly oxygen, consumes them making a lot of chemical reactions inside the gas impossible, and makes Tier disseminate as it does so.

- On the other hand, Tier refined into Ark-3 has an incredibly potent energy generation of a unique kind, which can be said to be similar to nuclear energy, in a metaphorical sense. Both Ark-3 and the actual refinement process generate energy.

- Contact with the gas is absolutely lethal as it disintegrates most organic matters and is as such unbreathable. It is impossible to handle without the adequate equipment.

- Both natural Tier and Ark-3 are green colored and fully visible under normal circumstances.

- The gas itself is relatively dense and has "weight" and as such tends to stick to the ground instead of evaporating, creating green misty patches of toxic fog.

- Ark-3 is extremely cold and is most likely going to freeze what it wouldn't destroy.

As Angels always lived among themselves and never had any conflict, Ark-3 was never made into a war weapon despite the numerous possible appliances it could have been used for, but Ark Noirdevende fights using it. Shenran Meyer is the only known individual to have applied Ark-3 to battle usage, and this through the Crisis Engine. Tryforce is also unable to use pure Tier as an energy source, but can work with Ark-3. It can also be added that Undying are unaffected by the devastating effects of the gas since they are coated in magic. Exosuits similar to Li-on Rey's, or Regalias, are the only valid technology allowing living people to walk through Tier or to get in contact with it without instantly dying, at least regarding technology that wasn't lost and/or left on Polaris. [...]

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