Altered Carmine



Japanese Name アルタ・カーマイン
English Name Altered Carmine
Birth Name Carmine Rey
Age 19 (PS) - 24 (EX)
Birthdate August 16
Status Deceased (Cursed)
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 90 kg
Blood Type n/a
Race Vampire, Undying
Hair Color White, with sparse rust colored tips
Eye Color Single red one with a vertical slit pupil, no eyes in EX
Alpha Mode Can't awaken
Weapon(s) Las Gitanas (Up to EX)
Fighting Style Other
Akashic Flower None, doesn't care
Favorite Food Blood
Affiliation Division Ruin, Force Works, Fear Effect, Sancti Grand Cathedral
Occupations and Hobbies Fighting, rarely Pathfinding, protecting Hana
He just looks so different now.


Alter Carmine (アルタ・カーマイン) is Carmine Seiyu from the Terror arc. [...]

Alter stand for "Old One."

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