Alice Hazuki



Japanese Name アリス・葉月
English Name Alice Hazuki
Birth Name Alice Hazuki
Age Stuck at 20
Birthdate September 12
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 161 cm (Human) 202 cm (Sharklet)
Weight ?? kg (Human) ~130 kg (Sharklet)
Blood Type A+ (Human) ?? (Sharklet)
Race Keeper, Sharklet
Hair Color White (Both forms)
Eye Color Black (Both forms)
Alpha Mode None
Hasu Galantis
Weapon(s) Tenebris
Fighting Style Breaker
Akashic Flower White Rose (Fake Plastic Flower)
Favorite Color Unknown
Affiliation Hazuki Clan, EGT, Force Works, other Keepers
Occupations and Hobbies Keeper, Paradox Erasure
If you think trying means nothing, then you're wrong. Because it will make a difference one day. Even a thousand of years in the future. Never stop fighting.


Alice Hazuki (アリス・葉月) also rarely known as Lilas is... [...]

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