Alexis Highwind Seiyu



Japanese Name アレクシス・ハイウインド・精遊
English Name Alexis Highwind Seiyu
Age 20 (EX)
Birthdate September 20
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 110 kg
Blood Type O-
Race Human, French
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue-grey
Alpha Mode None
Weapon(s) None
Fighting Style Sorcerer, Other
Akashic Flower Rose (Soleil d'Or)
Favorite Color Royal Blue, Deep blue
Favorite Food Whiskey Steak, Champagne
Affiliation Fear Effect, Paradise Space Station, Hellsing Labs, Malina High
Occupations and Hobbies Modeling, Training his psi powers, Studying
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Alexis Highwind Seiyu (アレクシス・ハイウインド・精遊) or Alex is the son of Carmine and Amber. He is one of the main characters of Ex Paradox Shift and a core ally during Paradox Shift Zero. [...]

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