Adel Adenauer



Japanese Name アーデルハイド・アーデナウハ
English Name Adelheid Adenauer
Age 17 (EX)
Birthdate February 15
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 178 cm (Normal) 195 cm (Armored)
Weight 96 kg (Normal) 160 kg (Armored)
Blood Type O+
Race Human, Paradisiacal
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Alpha Mode None
Weapon(s) Exoarmor
Fighting Style Grappler
Akashic Flower Grey Rose
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Food Pasta, Healthy food
Affiliation Equis, Shinato
Occupations and Hobbies Engineer, Astronaut, Vigilante
I'm not "hiding" in this armor. I don't need it to defeat you.

—Adel, to Hana

Adelheid Adenauer (アーデルハイド・アーデナウハ) or simply Adel is... [...]

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